A New Health/Fitness/Therapy Business Opens in Newport Beach 2

A Local Visits One Fitness & Therapy to Find Help with Recurring Pain

I have suffered from intermittent sciatica pain for many years. To combat the uncomfortable feeling, I have tried different conventional and unconventional approaches that have yielded somewhat successful results. When One Fitness & Therapy owner Chris Swartz invited me to come and work out at his center in Newport Beach, I felt curious and intrigued to try this new method.

The center in Newport Beach did not look like any other gym I had seen before. There was a very large grouping of logs directly in front of me when I first walked in. My first thought was, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ There was no way that they could expect me to do anything related to those logs–especially with my sciatica flaring up again!”

I was greeted by a young lady named Danny, who, full of both energy and smiles, directed me through all the requisite paperwork and a health questionnaire. After this, she began asking me what specific health problems I had and where I had pain. She was very thorough when asking about my pain levels and how long I had been experiencing the pain in each part of my body.

Next, she started evaluating how my hip, knee and foot were aligning, and carefully gauged and measured the rotation of my hips and my posture. She provided a very individually-focused and detailed explanation of what was causing my pain and why my body was reacting the way it was. She told me that long hours sitting in front of the computer, sitting in meetings and behind the wheel of a car were probably the main cause of a shift in my natural posture and were the origin of all my pain and discomfort.

Danny explained that the objective was to get my body back into its natural blueprint.  At this point, I knew that One Fitness & Therapy was not like any other gym I had ever visited.

The next 30 minutes were a series of stretching exercises designed to gain back my strength and natural posture. These series of exercises constitute “The Routine” that must be performed on a daily basis for 10 to 14 days, in order for muscles to gain their natural strength to hold the body in its natural position and posture. The correct posture would then result in my hips not being rotated out of position, as well as my knees and feet being aligned.

Once the routine is created, it’s up to the individual to perform it alone at home or set up a weekly schedule two to three times a week with one of their trainers.

Seven days into it, I can say that my sciatica is not hurting, but I also feel that some sort of change in my physical structure has taken place. I feel better.

One Therapy & Fitness specializes in complete pain elimination through therapy focused on stretching and strengthening the key muscle groups, tendons and ligaments to hold the bones in their natural pain-free state.  Their natural fitness program then helps to maintain the pain-free state, so you can enjoy an active lifestyle. Their program can be tailored specifically to your personal habits and discipline level, and seems to have been extremely successful for golfers, ex-athletes and people with very active lifestyles.