Our country will be 239 years old on the Fourth of July, our Independence Day. It seems fitting that our cover shows Betsy Ross and her handiwork, albeit a Pageant of the Masters recreation (with real people posing) made to look like Edward Percy Moran’s “The Birth of Old Glory.” The total recreation can be seen below with Ross showing the flag to General George Washington. Our Locals Only story about the Exchange Club of Newport Harbor’s Sixth Annual Field of Honor with its 1,776 American flags at Castaways Park on Armed Forces Day weekend touches hearts, and Suzette Zara’s Red White & Blueberries recipe featuring some yummy offerings is perfect for a Fourth of July picnic.

You will be entertained, as I was, to learn that longtime Newport Beach resident Cecilia DeMille Presley was raised by her grandfather, the legendary epic filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille, and how she traveled with him on location from the moment she could dress herself. She is determined to carry on his legacy and share the man and his art as a filmmaker. And, speaking of art, Newport Beach artist Georgeana Ireland talks about her work, which she calls “romantic abstract expressionism.” Having recently painted with master Mexican artist Vladimir Cora, as well as Matisse’s grandson, Pierre Matisse, speaks to her craft.

Scott Nelson, D.O.’s work in bio-identical hormone therapy–hormones that are chemically identical to those our body produces–will encourage you to know that with the proper hormone levels, you will feel better and return to how you used to feel. And, in Parting Thoughts we have a bow to baseball, from a mother who reminisces about her teenage son’s immersion in the sport, as well as the family’s, and what a joy it is.

Enjoy our Good Times features, which highlight some great events around town, including the Henry Segerstrom Exhibition opening at South Coast Plaza’s Jewel Court. It is closed now, but is a reminder that we all can make a difference in this great country of ours. I wish you a meaningful, joyful Fourth of July, filled with picnics and fireworks!

Until next time,