It is amazing how your perspective on life and your career can change within an instant. A chance meeting, a phone call, a business connection, or unexpected health issues have the ability to drastically affect your life and your career path. I received an interesting phone call 32 months ago from my brother, and my life and career path will never be the same again.

My brother wanted me to check out a family of magazines that was looking to grow their presence and circulation on a national basis. The owners of Lifestyle Publications, based in Overland Park, Kansas, were specifically looking to expand into major metropolitan markets and were very interested in southern California. Several phone calls and meetings later, I decided that Lifestyle Publications had a solid business model and proven results. I really liked its community-inspired and family-focused content, but also the extremely high quality of the finished publication. The ability to choose the postal carrier routes and demographic that I wanted to reach, plus the fact that it was directly mailed into homes on a monthly basis, was also a huge bonus.

I chose Newport Beach as the community in which I wanted to launch the magazine because of its charm and reputation. That was 23 months ago, and Newport Beach Lifestyle was born with an editor, a photographer, several writers and me. My team was small, but they were effective and just what our new magazine needed. Since then, my team has grown and changed. We are fortunate to have had several new people join our team in the last few months. Ana Launes, our new vice president, brings us her vast marketing and promotional background, and has already made a significant impact on the growth and stability of the magazine. Donna Bunce, our new editor, has been providing new and interesting community-inspired editorial content to the magazine since April. Her prestige and reputation in the community are invaluable. Add to them several new writers and photographers, and we are set to take Newport Beach Lifestyle to the next level.

When we launched, we were the 12th magazine in the Lifestyle Publications family. There are now 25 magazines nationwide, and additional magazines moving toward launch. This July 2015 issue is now our 24th and closes out our second year of magazines here in Newport Beach. As you read this, we are now working on our Two-Year Anniversary Issue and are excited about what awaits us and the magazine in the next year.

Our goal is to write about you, our families, our businesses and our history. We are Newport Beach’s only monthly community-inspired magazine that is directly mailed into your home. Our advertisers are local businesses that help to support the community by charitably giving both their time and trade, and they truly appreciate your trust and patronage.

We are always committed to not only being a relevant and high quality publication, but also the community magazine of Newport Coast, Corona del Mar and Newport Beach.  You can trust that our perspective and our focus on doing those specific things will never change.