A Passion for Piano 6

Successful Young Entrepreneur Transforms a Traditional, Classic Child Activity Into a Modern and Innovative Business

Morgan Simmsgeiger, an inspiring pianist and former teacher, is passionate in her belief that learning to play the piano for a child is life-changing, and her very successful business, Piano For Kids, is proof of her theory.

“I first started playing the piano at three years old,” Simmsgeiger says. “And, I can say with all confidence that its impact on my life has been nothing but extremely positive. Learning and playing the piano has helped me do well in school, as well as become a well-rounded person in life.”

This 22-year-old entrepreneur says of her journey:

“Some people follow the less traveled and more obscure pathway to success, like Richard Branson, who by age 22, had three thriving small businesses. My path parallels his and has led me to Piano for Kids.”

Simmsgeiger began teaching piano to younger kids when she was only a freshman in high school.

“It gave me an outlet for my talent, as well as helped me earn a good income while going to school,” she says. “I could see my students were benefiting from learning the piano and teaching them was benefiting me greatly, so, I thought to myself, ‘More people need to experience this,’ and Piano for Kids was born.”

Simmsgeiger credits her success to a business mentor, who stepped in to show her how to shape and develop a business of her own. Together, they saw the opportunity to capitalize upon her musical talents and affinity for business and client relations. Today, Piano for Kids has been in operation for more than three years, has 12 teachers and more than 100 students.

The young business owner believes the company’s main goal is to have kids fall in love with playing the piano.

“We believe that once a love for piano has been developed, the possibilities for learning are endless,” she says. “All of our instructors are kid-friendly, fun, encouraging, and effective. Piano teaching is more than telling a child what to do. It is a mentorship and a journey in piano. It’s about finding your own rhythm in the music, similar to finding your own rhythm in life, and creating a beautiful life filled with confidence and grace.”

Not only that, Simmsgeiger firmly believes that learning the piano will help a child learn better in school, gain self-esteem, as well as increase coordination and concentration.

“I see what music brings out in a child,” she says. “I see the sparkle in their eye when they play. I believe that music creates endless possibilities, and its ripple effect in the world, no matter how simple or complex, develops greater purpose in life.”

Simmsgeiger believes it is a win-win for everyone.

“The kids love it because their teachers are fun–someone they can relate to, look up to and learn from. The student-instructors get to do what they love and earn a good income while going to school. And, the parents benefit from the affordable rates and the fact that their kids actually look forward to their lessons and are making great progress.”

Glowing reports come from parents, whose children are enrolled in the program. From Tina Pham in a Yelp review:

“My daughter Hailey has been taking piano lessons for a little over a year now. She absolutely enjoys it and looks forward to her weekly lessons. She is more confident in herself with all the help and motivation she gets from her teacher. I’m very happy to say that Hailey received a Junior Prodigy Award at the Summer Recital. I’m so very proud of her and her teacher for being so awesome and patient.”

And, from a recent testimonial via phone from Sandy Griffin that was given following the recent Summer Recital:

“The Summer Recital was amazing! Before the recital, my son was interested in piano but sort of going through the motions, but, after seeing his peers playing all those wonderful pieces, something in him ignited, and he is now on fire for the piano! Thank you, Piano For Kids!”

Simmsgeiger says that the piano lessons are taught at the child’s home (lessons are offered as far north as Newport Beach and Costa Mesa and as far south as San Clemente), making it very convenient for parents’ busy schedules. And, if you don’t have a piano, she suggests buying a keyboard, which has a starting price of $120. The first lesson is complimentary, and no contract is required with Piano for Kids.

“We strive for the best piano learning experience possible,” Simmsgeiger says, “not only for the kids, but for the adults as well.”