Our magazine’s publisher, Randy Harding, launched this publication two years ago on pretty much a wing and a prayer. He firmly believed in creating a community-inspired magazine that, as he puts it in his “Happy Birthday Newport Beach Lifestyle magazine” story in this issue, had to be “a publication where the local businesses could generate interest in their products and services, and the readers could embrace the stories of the people and the history that is Newport Beach.”

Here we are, two years later, and Randy is a happy man. He is pleased to have created a community-inspired, relevant publication that our readership thinks highly of. And, he is excited to see that advertising has generated great results for our advertisers.

Kendra Mathewson, author of “Birds on a Wire” in our Parting Thoughts column, talks about the importance of community and how “one-on-one connections expand and extend and become a beautiful web of interconnectedness.” As you read this issue, you will see how people in our community have reached out to others to create the community she’s talking about.

Valarie Van Cleave, who has a passion for protecting and restoring the oceans, co-founded Oceana’s SeaChange Summer Party, which generates more money than any of the nonprofit’s other fundraisers. Oceana is the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation in the world. Another example is Sue Hook, who began reaching out in her high school years to children and young adults suffering from the life threatening disease, cystic fibrosis, and has dedicated her life to finding a cure and better treatments for them. Her cystic fibrosis community is her life. Twenty-two-year-old Morgan Simmsgeiger’s love for teaching children piano and the pure joy in learning to play led her to create a thriving business, Piano for Kids. Just take a look at the smiles on her students’ faces in her story. And, OC Caravan’s Co-Hosts and Co-Producers Scott Hays and Jim Bastian interview amazing people on their weekly television show, who are constantly engaging the community to do wonderful things, and those people live right here.

You see? You inspire us. And, we inspire you by telling your stories.

Until next time,