A "Hälthy" Lifestyle 9

An innovative natural lifestyle and treatment destination opens in Newport Beach

Heather Joseph is the owner of Hälth (pronounced health) Spa, a new destination located in Eastbluff Village Center in Newport Beach. She is a unique, vibrant, young entrepreneur with a diversified international background. She maintains an “out of the box” approach to life and business. After having traveled and lived in four continents, 10 countries and 15 different cities, she brings to Newport Beach a refreshing holistic approach to beauty, or, as she better describes it, a Hälth Beauty,” or conscious beauty.

Two main inspirations were the spark of this new business endeavor: The European rustic luxury rejuvenation approach to beauty, or, more precisely, the Scandinavian approach, and a cancer survivor mother who was not able to get her beauty regimen, due to the toxins contained in beauty products and salons.

In addition, becoming a mother made Heather extremely cautious about the environments that she wanted her son to be exposed to. Everything resulted in a mother-daughter partnership devoted to teaching people how to embrace the simplicity of natural living.

In order to fulfill their goal, they selected SpaRitual as their brand of choice. The brand can only be found in one other location in Orange County, The Spa at Pelican Hill. SpaRitual’s motto is “Slow Beauty for a Fast World.” This new movement is the antithesis of the fast-paced world of the beauty industry that sells quick fixes and invasive alternatives. Instead, the proposal is the spiritualization of beauty. As Heather states, “…beauty from the inside out.”

Nail polishes are one of the most common products in any beauty salon, and the majority of them have been considered hazardous and harmful. Many of them incorporate a toxic trio of chemicals that are known to be carcinogenic. The chemicals are formaldehyde, “dibutyl phthalate,” better known as DBP, and toluene. Formaldehyde is used as a nail hardener, DBP acts as a binder to improve the lasting power of nail lacquer and toluene is used as a solvent or polish remover. Toluene is very dangerous if inhaled, as its primary target is the central nervous system. DBP has been linked to cancer in lab animals, underdeveloped genitals and other long-term fertility problems in newborn boys.

These products were banned for use in cosmetics by the European Union in 2004. In the U.S., environmental groups have mobilized to get DBP removed from all nail polishes. For more information on today’s FDA approach to these products, visit: 1.USA.gov/1Jb43gn

Heather is aware of the dangers of these products and recognizes that they are not safe to be used, in particular, when having a medical condition or being pregnant.

Chief of the Safe Cosmetics Program at the California Department of Public Health, Michael DiBartolomeis, Ph.D, says, “Nail products that contain these chemicals might present serious health risks to those who use them, and to falsely advertise a product as free from these substances is a significant public health problem.”

Research shows that chemicals like DBP and toluene can act as endocrine disruptors and impact healthy prenatal development. Girls are now exposed to them and other endocrine disruptors at chronic low levels from many sources. These disruptors may even play a role in the increasing rates of early puberty, as Liz Weil explored in her New York Times Magazine story.

This new and wise Newport Beach entrepreneur decided to follow the steps of lifestyle futurist Shel Pink, founder of SpaRitual. Pink proposed a natural nontoxic approach to the market leader Orly, and that resulted in the creation of the SpaRitual product line. Similarly, all products used at Hälth Spa, including nail polishes, skin care lines and mineral makeups, are natural, water or soy-based.

Furthermore, Heather and her beloved mom Suzy take great care of all the equipment by sterilizing it at hospital standards and using removable basins that do not allow for bacteria to grow and be transmitted to the next client. This is in contrast to what usually happens when using basins with circulating water that do not get cleansed properly. They breed bacteria and allow for it to be transmitted from one client to another.

The Spa offers manicures and pedicures for women, men and children, as well as makeup application, massages, natural waxing, and even lifestyle and mommy coaching.

The coaching program provides the necessary tools to learn to discover oneself and, consequently, helps you in choosing the right course of action that best fits you and makes you happier. The sessions run between 60 to 90 minutes and also includes one 30 to 90-minute phone call a week, unlimited email support and occasional brief check-in calls.

Hälth Spa pricing is very reasonable. For example, manicures and pedicures run from $30 to $40, camera-ready makeup, which is perfect for brides, birthday girls or other occasions, is $50, and facial hair waxing is $12 to $49, depending upon the area.

Proceeds from the purchase or use of any Hälth Spa product goes to a charitable cause. All retail goods give back, as is well described in their pricing catalogue.

As Heather says, “With philanthropy and health at the core of our business, we invite you to embrace “Hälth” inside out.”