New Holistic, Innovative Approach  To Cosmetic Dentistry 4

Health-related quality of life and well-being are new topic areas for the healthy people of today. The first concept is a multi-dimensional concept associated with physical, mental, emotional and social functioning. It goes beyond direct measures of population, health, life expectancy, and causes of death, and focuses on the impact health status has on quality of life. On the other hand, well-being is a related concept, which measures the positive aspects of a person’s life, such as positive emotions and life satisfaction. Well-being is a relative state where one maximizes his or her physical, mental and social functioning in the context of supportive environments to live a full, satisfying and productive life.

Dmitriy Tarverdoff, president of Dmitriy’s Dental Studios, and his talented team of technical clinicians, have applied the lessons of Santana/Hindu, tantric/yogic traditions and other belief systems to the world of cosmetic dentistry. These systems are based on a basic unit of energy called chakra. The chakra is responsible for transmitting and receiving physical, emotional and spiritual energy. The body contains a total of seven major chakras, which are located along a central axis. The system’s ultimate objective is to attain energy balance among all of them. This is the way by which any of us can achieve a health-related quality of life and well-being.

Furthermore, chakras are associated with specific areas of the body, as well as to fixed colors and semi-precious stones. For example, the first chakra is located at the base of the spine and is represented by the color red or black and the semi-precious stone, black tourmaline. This stone helps to release stress. The second chakra is located below the navel, and its color is orange or blue-green. One of the stones associated with this chakra is the carnelian, which aids with tissue renewal and, therefore, helps with rheumatism, fever and skin problems.

The third chakra is located in the solar plexus area, and is represented by the color yellow. Some of the stones associated with this chakra are yellow jasper, golden calcite and citrine. Citrine has the healing power of dispelling negativity and is known to be good for stomach and digestive problems. The fourth chakra is located in the center of the chest and is represented by the colors pink or green. Some of the gems associated with this chakra are green aventurine, pink rubellite, tourmaline or rose quartz. The rose quartz can alleviate kidney and spleen issues, cancer, as well as improving mood by filling the wearer with positivity.

The fifth chakra is represented by the blue color and the stone angelite. This stone has provided great results when used in the treatment of thymus. It reduces throat inflammation and balances the thyroid. Other properties are repairing and soothing tissues and blood vessels. The sixth chakra, also known as the “third eye,” is located above the eyebrows and is represented by indigo color and the stones azurite, sugilite and lapis lazuli. This last stone is known to relieve pain and is particularly helpful with migraine headaches.

Finally, the seventh chakra is on the top of the head, and is violet or a golden white color. It is represented by the following stones: amethyst, white topaz, and white calcite. Amethyst is known to boost hormone production and tunes the endocrine system and metabolism in addition to strengthening the body to fight cancer.

Dmitriy’s Dental Studios cares about the well-being and quality of life of its clients. For this reason, they only use bio-compatible materials and have added the new holistic approach. They integrate all this ancient knowledge into creating unique and customized pieces by incorporating the semi-precious stones within bridges, crowns and other products.

Tarverdoff says, “My vision became clear to me. How I could help the patient find solace, peace, health and wellness through the use of semi-precious stones, which govern different parts of the body that are in desperate need of healing.”

Health, quality of life and well-being have become a major focus in health research. Scientists, clinicians and policy makers have recognized the importance of promoting experiences that enhance protective factors and conditions that foster health, in addition to objective or clinical measures of health.

Dmitriy’s Dental Studios is a leader in the dental laboratory industry when it comes to quality standard practices. They use only FDA approved materials for all of their restorations, and all their restorations are made in the U.S.A. To learn more about this innovative approach or which dentists in your area carry these products, please contact Dmitriy’s Dental Studios at 818.500.8448, or go to their website at