Addiction and the Family

Addiction ravages homes and families and leaves hurting spouses, 
parents, children and loved ones in its wake.

Addiction is sometimes coined a “family disease.” The person’s addiction creates a domino effect that touches everyone around them. Drug and alcohol dependency is disruptive–and potentially devastating–for those left at home.

David Ludington, founder and CEO of Connection2Recovery (C2R) and Christian Rehab Networks (CRN), has seen first-hand how difficult and confusing the process of seeking treatment can be for families and their struggling loved ones.

“Families are in a desperate situation,” Ludington says. “It is different than dealing with a family member with cancer because there is usually compassion for the afflicted. With addiction, it becomes more difficult for the family and loved ones to understand and sometimes even love the addict, as addicts often take advantage of those closest to them. This near-constant burning of bridges can tear a family apart.”

The quest to find a loved one the best treatment, one that offers an in-depth, honest-to-goodness recovery instead of short-term babysitting fixes can be harder than expected.

“In today’s market, the treatment of addiction has become ‘big business,’” says Ludington. “The patients become a number–fulfilling treatment center quotas to fill beds. Sadly, clients often check out untreated because they are only being treated for symptoms of their illness, rather than the underlying cause or causes.”

“All treatment centers cannot treat all things,” Ludington continues. “It is most vital that clients are placed into centers best equipped in all areas to service the whole patient, not just their symptoms.”

Before being placed into one of the network’s nationally accredited and preferred treatment centers, a specialist thoroughly assesses the client’s entire life situation, including, but not limited to: substance of choice, medical and psychological history, legal history or history of abuse, previous attempts for treatment, socioeconomic standing, cultural/religious backgrounds.

Not only is the addict’s treatment crucial, but it is just as important to help the families, who are often in crisis. C2R and CRN staff walk alongside each client and their families throughout the recovery journey, fostering hope through counseling and building long-lasting relationships to sustain lifelong recovery.

“Connection 2 Recovery and Christian Rehab Network were launched to help families and their loved ones get the best possible treatment available based upon their personal stories,” Ludington says. “It is free to the public, and we work with the client, whether they have the financial means or not.”

Ludington knows his topic. His life in alcohol and drug recovery began at the age of 18. After going through a myriad of treatment centers himself, he became a certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor and later served as director of the Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) in Texas, one of the largest adolescent drug treatment centers in the country.

Ludington states, “It is my belief that together we can all work to increase the opportunity for people suffering from the disease of addiction to overcome their dependences and live a life in recovery, becoming responsible and productive members of society.”

And, on a more personal level, Ludington says, “My passion is to help the hopeless because I was once hopeless. Now, I know through sobriety, anything is possible.”

Connection 2 Recovery and Christian Rehab Network consists of some of the country’s top-rated, highly-qualified, accredited treatment centers. Here are a few of the treatment centers they recommend:

10 Acre Ranch

Riverside, California

The drug and alcohol residential rehab program at 10 Acre Ranch offers a warm, cheerful and homelike atmosphere, in which men can experience a sober and drug-free lifestyle. The Southern California drug rehab is small (six beds) by design, according to Executive Director Keith Goshay, so they can accommodate residents’ therapeutic needs, encourage fellowship and relationship building. Program benefits include: pre-program detox assistance, disease education and didactic therapy, individual and group therapy sessions, meditation and spiritual growth, physical fitness and softball teams, recreational activities and outings, nutritious meal preparation, life skills lessons, anger management therapy and 12-step program guidance and aftercare participation (AA, NA, CA).

New Start Detox

Santa Ana, California

The professional staff at New Start Detox fully understands the hesitation and confusion that accompanies an initial contact for help. Detox starts with an assessment by the clinical staff to determine the level of physical and psychological withdrawal. Treatment and time spent in detox depends on several factors, including types of drugs or alcohol, how much, client’s age, environment and length of time involved. If needed, medications, which are strictly controlled, are provided and tapered down with treatment. Safety, security and comfort are provided, with the facility boasting Tempur-Pedic beds and private chefs to cater to cravings and diets. The medical team, therapists and counselors at New Start Detox are committed to helping the client.

Serenity Lodge

Crest Park, California

Located on 22 acres in a serene mountain setting, Serenity Lodge is a unique substance abuse treatment center for men. Medically assisted and adept at dual diagnosis treatment, all medical, psychological and therapeutic care is provided onsite. The Serenity Lodge treatment team and the majority of its staff have recovered from alcohol and addiction themselves, helping to understand individual struggles on a personal level.  The 12-step, amenity-rich program features private rooms, complete with televisions and queen-size beds, a heated pool, computer lab, professional recording studio, 1,500-square-foot-gym with a relaxing sauna.

Hope by the Sea

San Juan Capistrano, California

Hope by the Sea’s Christian treatment center provides compassionate, faith-based addiction programs for clients battling substance abuse and other addictions. In addition to receiving comprehensive, cutting-edge treatment and Christian counseling, clients will begin to see themselves – and their addiction – through the eyes of Christ.

AJ’s Amethyst House

San Jacinto, California

AJ Truax, executive director of AJ’s Amethyst House, and her husband Bernard L. Truax, have enormous love and compassion for women facing the challenge of addiction. Collectively, they have been sober for nearly 60 years and have come to realize recovery is a lifetime journey of hard work. AJ and Bernie want to be a beacon of light to women to lead them on their path to recovery. The program is founded on a spiritual based, 12-step, 12-traditions model that focuses on the individual personality and emotional needs of the addict–not just the addictions. They provide a safe and healthy environment for those committed to recovery and ready for their new beginning, their new life of sobriety. The house rests on the simple, yet powerful motto: “When you are ready, we are here to help.”

Safe Harbor

Costa Mesa, California

Velvet Mangan, founder and CEO of Safe Harbor Treatment Centers, is a transformational activist in the recovery community, focusing her efforts on the healing and well-being of young women. Located in the heart of sunny Costa Mesa, California, Safe Harbor offers three distinct residential inpatient programs, each of which are dedicated to providing women with an environment where they can heal the mind, body and spirit. The center provides an all-inclusive, integrative program to support women through their own healing process. and 

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