ClosetAuctions Readies for Launch

Helping Small Businesses Keep Healthy Margins

ClosetAuctions startup Founder and CEO Christine Fleming provides an innovative and economic marketing solution to branding small and medium-sized businesses. According to Christine, the key is to increase exposure and, at the same time, have a healthy control of the marketing expense.

Christine came up with the idea after having hosted and produced numerous ‘live’ charity closet auctions for up to 500 guests in the Coachella Valley. The goal was to reduce the level of financial struggles that some medium and small businesses experience by participating in Internet coupon services.

ClosetAuctions presently holds monthly sponsored contests as a technique to eventually have brands become a common household name.

By March 2016, ClosetAuctions will have launched its interactive membership portion of the website. This will provide subscribers the ability to trade items from their closets for points. These points can then be used in an ‘auction’ for products and services. The retail value of items up for bid range from $25 to more than $200.

Christine is an optimistic and effective business woman, leader and life coach, who has been invited to more than 25 radio talk shows, interviewed by local magazines and appeared as a special guest on CBS News for her philanthropic work. Christine grew up in Los Angeles in a family that struggled financially. She became an entrepreneur at the age of 16 by successfully selling arts and crafts to local businesses. As a dream achiever, she wants to help medium and small business owners achieve their own dreams and she feels ClosetAuctions is the vehicle to achieve this goal.

Go to to pre-register as a subscriber or brand partner. Please email Christine at for additional information.