Springtime Means Playing in the Dirt!

Springtime Means Playing in the Dirt!

As warm weather and sunshine cascade over my garden and courtyard, I welcome in my absolute favorite time of year–springtime. This is a time of heirloom tomatoes and walks on the beach. It is also a time of garden tours, bright colored flowers and the creativity of a new plantings season.
As I stroll through the nursery, I am flooded with wonderful new ideas for my outdoor space. Tulips, iceland poppies (my personal favorite), English primrose, cyclamen and ranunculus are all dancing brightly before me. From soft pastels to vibrant purples, fuchsias and bright whites–the choices seem endless. They seem to be raising their hands, asking me to kidnap them and bring them home to my garden. And of course, I oblige, filling my trunk to overflowing. When I arrive home, my husband rolls his eyes with that “here we go” look.

Brisbane has it All!

Brisbane has it All! 5

South East Queensland is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia, and Brisbane is the epicenter of it all. Once a sleepy little river town, World Expo in ’84 put this city on the map; since then, Brisbane has consistently attracted new businesses, tourists and residents alike and is now home to more than 2.2 million people.
When you leave Brisbane International Airport in the summer, nine times out of 10 you’ll walk into a wall of humid air. The other time, you’ll walk into a storm and, given Brisbane’s incredible sub-tropical climate, you’ve probably just had an extremely bumpy landing. Welcome to Bris Vegas, the name President Obama playfully called us at the G20 summit in 2014. Is it too early to head to a casino?

Around Town

Around Town 15

Ethos Contemporary Art Gallery showcased the works of three standout artists at its VIP Preview Party, before the artists displayed their art at the LA Art Show the following week. Artist Georgeana Ireland, Oregon native turned Newport Beach local, exhibited her large scale paintings, incorporating materials such as gold leaf and diamond dust, while Pierre Henri Matisse, grandson of master artist Henri Matrisse, displayed his dream-like mixed media pieces, and Dick Marconi featured his “color-fusion” works. EthosContemporaryArt.com

Ode to Travel

Don’t we all love to travel? Whether it’s to family and friends in another town or state, or abroad, where we enjoy experiences exposing us to different cultures, it is always invigorating. I remember deciding at age 23 that I wanted to travel to Europe. For a young girl from Indiana who had never been in an airplane or west of Iowa, it was quite the journey. Flying to London and joining a group of 45 other travelers to spend three weeks exploring 13 countries sounds crazy, but it gave me a fabulous overall view of the world. It truly changed my life! Reading about other cultures, whether non-fiction or historical fiction, became my mantra, and I’m still doing it today. Having returned many times, not only to Europe, but to other parts of the world, has given me wonderful memories.

Go Red for AHA

Go Red for AHA 6

The American Heart Association’s Orange County Go Red for Women Luncheon at Hotel Irvine attracted nearly 500 business and community leaders to raise funds for funding programs and research to fight cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Healthy Movie Night Food

Healthy Movie Night Food

When April showers hit, create the ultimate cozy “movie night” with these fabulous recipes! This double feature of pizza and popcorn is guilt-free, with reduced-fat whole wheat pizza and light popcorn, made with a skinny secret topping packed with protein and vitamins (B-vitamins, folic acid, selenium, zinc). Plus, it’s vegan, gluten-free and tastes better than movie theater popcorn at a fraction of the calories!

500 Years of Better Beer

500 Years of Better Beer 3

The next time you pick up a German beer, have a look at the label. All German beer labels carry the inscription, “Gebraut nach dem deutschen Reinheitsgebot” or “Gebraut nach dem Bayerischen Reinheitsgebot von 1516” (brewed according to the German Purity Law or the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516). The law, which is the oldest, still valid, food safety law in the world, was a ducal decree issued on April 23, 1516 by the Bavarian co-rulers Duke Wilhelm IV and Duke Ludwig X. The law was introduced at a meeting of an assembly by the states of Bavaria, and was initially only in feudal Bavaria, but later declared to be the law in all of Germany. The law essentially permitted the government to have the tools to regulate the ingredients, processes and quality of beer that was sold to the public, in addition to levying taxes on beer.

Tuscany’s Villa Lucia

Tuscany's Villa Lucia 11

Lucy (Lucia) Luhan never imagined that the 500-year-old abandoned farmhouse she saw while visiting Tuscany in 1985 would become her home, a cooking school, a wedding location for Americans, and a bread and breakfast for the next 30 years.
Lucy Vallera, a first-generation Italian, born in Connecticut, was raised in a European household, where traditional values and customs prevailed, including making fresh pasta daily. After completing Bachelor of Arts and of Science degrees at the University of Minnesota, and studying for her masters in Public Relations at Boston University, she married Dr. Jorge Luhan in 1965 and, shortly after, moved to California.

“Love Grows by Giving” Fundraiser

"Love Grows by Giving" Fundraiser 5

The Community Service Programs’ Huntington Beach Youth Shelter hosted its annual wine tasting experience 
at Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort with food pairings from local restaurants, beer samplings, 
silent and live auctions, and live music.

Working Wardrobes’ “Red Carpet and Cocktails”

Working Wardrobes' "Red Carpet and Cocktails" 6

Working Wardrobes’ Smart Women event combined shopping, good food and a fashion show (with fashions from The Hangar Boutiques), along with special guest Michael Ferrera, fashion designer, entrepreneur and author, for a grand affair.

Segerstrom Center Rising Leaders Council 
Hosts Fundraiser

Segerstrom Center Rising Leaders Council 
Hosts Fundraiser 7

A cocktail party and silent auction at the Center Club preceded the young professionals and community advocates 
attendance of “The Illusionists” in Segerstrom Hall. Proceeds benefited the Disney Musicals in Schools program. 
Photography Kimberly April

LA Art Show Features Local Artists

LA Art Show Features Local Artists 4

Ethos Contemporary Art, a budding gallery located on Balboa Peninsula, received adoration from many, including 
Hollywood actors David Walton and Eva LaRue. The booth featured local artists Georgeana Ireland, Dick Marconi, 
and Pierre Henri Matisse.

ROC-A Great Example of Collaborative Work Space

ROC-A Great Example of Collaborative Work Space 3

Today’s office space is more functional and productive and adapts better to the way a human being interacts and socializes. The term, collaborative workspace, has emerged gradually and, today, we can affirm that this new concept allows for the full expression of the human dimension.
Through the centuries, we have experienced huge changes in the workspace. These changes responded mainly to three needs–the achievement of greater productivity, the changes in the ways we communicate and more timely access to information.

Seventeenth Annual Newport Beach Film Festival

Seventeenth Annual Newport Beach Film Festival 8

One could go around the world from film festival to film festival–from Toronto to Cannes, Berlin or Venice to Honk Kong, and back to the US to Sundance, Tribeca, Nashville, Aspen or Newport Beach. They are world-wide.
This year, Newport Beach residents, and many more around the world, will have the chance to enjoy the 17th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival. Although it seems as if it were just yesterday, it was nearly 17 years ago when a group of movie lovers banded together to organize the very first festival.

Marybelle and Sebastian P. Musco Center for the Arts

Marybelle and Sebastian P. Musco Center for the Arts 6

It is open! The opening of the long-awaited Marybelle and Sebastian P. Musco Center for the Arts at Chapman University has occurred. The grand opening celebration, March 19, drew a sold-out gathering to Musco Center for a celebratory performance in the 1,044-seat Julianne Argyros Orchestra Hall. Featured was world-renowned singer/actor/conductor Placido Domingo, along with opera stars Deborah Voigt and Milena Kitic, and an array of distinguished artists and Chapman alumni. The L.A. Opera Orchestra and a150-voice chorus accompanied the singers and was conducted by Grammy Award-winning conductor John DeMain. Following the well-received performance, a magnificent champagne toast and gourmet dinner was held in a festive tent set up in front of Memorial Hall on the historic campus.

A Touch of Spain in OC

A Touch of Spain in OC 5

Vaca is the most anticipated restaurant opening in Orange County this year. Not only is its chef, Amar Santana, gaining recognition as a true contender on Bravo’s Emmy-award winning television series Top Chef, but the space itself–it once housed a luxurious spa, just steps away from Segerstrom Center for the Arts–has seamlessly transformed into a stunning elongated restaurant dotted with rows of glowing lights. As you walk into Vaca, an effusive buzz emanates throughout the dining room. Two bars–one offering full service and the other, shorter bar, housing the cheese and charcutuerie display–straddle the walkway as you work your way into the main dining room. A towering meat case displays the prime cuts of aged beef, as if each slab is an unctuous piece of marbled crown jewelry.