Don’t we all love to travel? Whether it’s to family and friends in another town or state, or abroad, where we enjoy experiences exposing us to different cultures, it is always invigorating. I remember deciding at age 23 that I wanted to travel to Europe. For a young girl from Indiana who had never been in an airplane or west of Iowa, it was quite the journey. Flying to London and joining a group of 45 other travelers to spend three weeks exploring 13 countries sounds crazy, but it gave me a fabulous overall view of the world. It truly changed my life! Reading about other cultures, whether non-fiction or historical fiction, became my mantra, and I’m still doing it today. Having returned many times, not only to Europe, but to other parts of the world, has given me wonderful memories.

Our April issue features travel stories on Tuscany, where Newport Beach residents Lucy and George Luhan bought a 500-year-old abandoned farmhouse 30 years ago, and never looked back. Villa Lucia’s B&B has entertained thousands of visitors over the years, many of them from Orange County. Our story on how Germany is celebrating the 500-year anniversary of establishing the Germany Purity Law is interesting. The law, which is the oldest, still valid, food safety law in the world, was a ducal decree issued on April 23, 1516. And, our story on Brisbane, Australia, shows how a sleepy little river town has attracted new businesses, tourists and residents to become the place to visit.

The Marybelle and Sebastian P. Musco Center for the Arts at Chapman University is open, after a rousing gala grand opening on March 19, and is offering a stellar listing of performances. You will also enjoy our restaurant review this month, featuring Vaca, Amar Santana’s newly opened Costa Mesa eatery, that has palates enthralled. Having one of Orange County’s own on Bravo’s Emmy Award-winning television series Top Chef – at this moment he is in the final six! – has been a delight to follow. Go Amar! And speaking of food, our Culinary Creations feature offers some recipes for some healthy movie fare – “Healthy” Whole Wheat Pizza and Skinny Healthy Popcorn. Don’t let the “healthy” fool you!

In closing, wherever your travels take you, enjoy!

Until next time,

Donna Bunce, Editor