In Praise 
of Mothers

In Praise 
of Mothers

Our mothers are our lifeline. They are there for us through thick and thin and everything in-between. And, if we’re lucky, they see us happily married with a family (didn’t happen with me, but my sister came through!). We do go through stages of thinking maybe she doesn’t know best, but in the end, she does, and that’s that! I lost my mother 11 years ago. I know I’m a lot like her – some good, some not so good – and I am very proud of it. She does live through me, and that comforts me.

Hilbert Museum Opening Draws Huge Crowds

Hilbert Museum Opening Draws Huge Crowds 9

The two-day grand opening of the Hilbert Museum at Chapman University and its exhibition, 
“Narrative Visions: 20th Century California Art from the Hilbert Musuem” drew rave reviews from the nearly 
2,000 people attending. Photography Peggy O’Donnell

A Mother’s Guide for Good Skincare

A Mother’s Guide for Good Skincare 3

The second Sunday in May is a yearly celebration honoring motherhood. As we reflect on this beautiful occasion, one might pause to appreciate the aging process that accompanies the wisdom of our years. As time passes, so comes wisdom and its fellow traveler–the associated lines, wrinkles and changes in skin tone that show on our face. Some cultures believe the face is a blueprint of our inner nature. Really? The aging face is a result of oxidative stress caused by genetics, unprotected sun exposure, lack of proper nutrition and environmental pollutants. Skincare is the largest of the six categories identified by the global cosmetic industry, and, according to the latest market research from Lucintel, the industry’s forecast for 2017 will reach $265 billion dollars. You can’t help but recognize the youthful elixirs front and center in department stores, with the disguised young and pretty faces selling a ‘hope.’

A Mother-Daughter Road Trip

A Mother-Daughter Road Trip 7

To pass or not to pass. That is the question. I am driving along a beautiful winding road in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with my nine-year-old on a mother-daughter road trip.
The landscape with its rolling green hills, its stark white barns, fields alive with free ranging horses, cows and chickens is unmarred by sprawl or skyscrapers or even unsightly cell towers.
The vehicle in front of me is a compact black buggy pulled by a high-stepping chestnut gelding that’s going about the speed of the 19th century. What’s the proper Amish Country etiquette? Do I pass? Do I hold back?

Around Town

Around Town 20

Three-time Grammy nominated Mariachi Sol de Mexico, celebrating its 35th anniversary year under the direction of founder Jose Hernandez, will make its Segerstrom Center for the Arts’ debut on Thursday, May 5, at 8 p.m. Attendees will enjoy traditional Mexican folk, classical and pop music with Hernandez’ vivid and graceful compositions. Billboard declares the group, “One of the most prolific recording Mariachis in the world…(and has) evolved into a versatile top performing troop.” Tickets start at $29 and are available online at or by calling the box office at 714.556.2787.

From Garden to Table: Edible Flowers and Anti-Aging Herbs

From Garden to Table: Edible Flowers and Anti-Aging Herbs 3

A bouquet of flowers can brighten any room, but did you realize that they can sweeten your recipes while promoting longevity? Indeed, there are several varieties of edible flowers which can easily be grown in a home garden or even indoors. Plus, many of these pretty petals come from plants with a long history of anti-aging properties. A perfect way to brighten Mother’s Day is with these anti-aging, sweet treats! Long live Mom!

Joyce Hall and Anna Jarvis: The Creative Geniuses Behind Mother’s Day

Joyce Hall and Anna Jarvis: The Creative Geniuses Behind Mother’s Day 11

With Anna Jarvis’s help in making Mother’s Day a national holiday and Joyce Hallmark’s expertise in commercializing it, Mother’s Day has been celebrated the second Sunday in May for more than 100 years.
Mother’s Day is a modern celebration honoring one’s mother, motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. 
The origin of the celebration goes back to the Greek era. In the United States, the celebration is not related to the many celebrations of mothers and motherhood in other parts of the world. Here, Anna Jarvis, a single West Virginian woman, admired her mother so greatly that she pushed and petitioned to create a special day in her honor. Today, that day is nationally known as Mother’s Day.

“Tropical Paradise” Fundraiser Delights

"Tropical Paradise" Fundraiser Delights 5

The West County Area Chapters of The Guilds of Segerstrom Center for the Arts held its “Tropical Paradise” fundraiser 
onboard the MS Duck Club, with colorful leis, Mai Tais and steel drum music welcoming the island-attired crowd. 
Photography Peggy O’Donnell

Remodeling a Room is a Form of Time Travel

Remodeling a Room is a Form of Time Travel

With every shower I took, I experienced the sensation of stepping into a time capsule.
When we bought our relatively not-old house, I realized the master bathroom had curious touches of early 1980s aesthetics. For instance, it was wrapped in ugly accent tile. I convinced myself the room had enough classic elements, but when I showered, the offending ceramic stripe was eye level. Through the fog of steam and shampoo suds, I stared at it every…single…day. I lived with THAT COLOR for years.

Traveling Through the Land of the Conquistadores

Traveling Through the Land of the Conquistadores 11

The delightful tastings of the most exclusive products prepared by those who have dedicated their entire life, from generation to generation, to excel in what they do, transports the traveler to a new world of sensations. In a 10-day, 760-mile road trip in Spain, guided by the experts, the traveler will experience total cultural immersion during the most exclusive and unique gastro tour around the land of the Conquistadors. After the great reviews received from previous tours, organizers of this incredible adventure are putting together the fourth tour of its kind, now made available in Newport Beach.

Making the Case for Battered Women

Making the Case for Battered Women 11

Since its founding in 1981, Human Options has served more than 28,700 individuals in direct services, responded to 55,100 hotline calls and reached more than 294,000 individuals through its community education program. And, perhaps, even more important, is the fact that four independent research studies verify that 90% of clients remain violence-free one year or more after graduating from Human Options’ residential programs.

A Patriotic Tribute with the Seventh Annual “Field of Honor”

A Patriotic Tribute with the Seventh Annual "Field of Honor"

May is a month of patriotic celebrations. I unfurl my ribbon-adorned hats, and carefully select all the red, white and blue, flag-waving, troops-praising clothing I so proudly own. And, befitting any patriotic event, I even have a special outfit for my dog, Mr. Riley, to wear. Yes, the American flag is front and center on his back and appears to wave as he wiggles and waggles his way along the parade routes, or even just a celebratory stroll around Balboa Island.

SCORE: Helping the Entrepreneurial Spirit Within You

SCORE: Helping the Entrepreneurial Spirit Within You 4

Calendar of events for May, 2016 May 3 Tuesday – 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Secrets to Buying A Franchise. National University, Costa MesaMay 3 Tuesday – 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The Road to Business Credit! Anaheim Gordon Hoyt Conference Center, Anaheim May 9 Monday – 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Avoiding Employment Related … Continued

Newport Beach Tennis Club Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence

Newport Beach Tennis Club Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence 4

The latest gadgets, makeup, and even cars are fairly common examples of what men and women in sales encourage customers to purchase. But, what if a salesman–an expert with kitchen appliances–could convince you to build and open a tennis club from scratch? More than 50 years ago, salesman Larry Johnson persuaded developer George Holstein to do just that. The result: the Newport Beach Tennis Club.

Table for 10 Draws Area’s Top Chefs

Table for 10 Draws Area's Top Chefs 10

Three hundred gourmet food and wine lovers gathered at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa to enjoy a culinary extravaganza par excellence. Dinners were prepared tableside and restaurant tables were uniquely decorated. Vocational Visions and The Teen Project received the $300,000 net proceeds. Photography Bob Hodson and Tony Lattimore

OCSA Showcases School’s Amazing Talent

OCSA Showcases School's Amazing Talent 6

The Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) welcomed more than 600 guests to its 29th annual gala, themed 
”OCSA Music Awards!” Celebrating the biggest musical icons, more than 200 talented students entertained, and community leaders were honored for their generosity to the school’s Masterpiece in the Making capital campaign.