Chapman University Inaugurates a New President

Daniele C. Struppa, Ph.D. takes the reins of the thriving university.

Chapman University welcomed its new president, Daniele C. Struppa, Ph.D., with all the pomp and pageantry of the academic tradition at an official inauguration ceremony before a capacity crowd of 1,044 at the Marybelle and Sebastian P. Musco Center for the Arts on September 30.

A full week of celebrity-studded events led up to the inauguration to reflect the many and varied interests of Struppa, a mathematician whose renaissance tastes extend to art, music, literature, poetry, physics, and more. Included was an appearance by Broadway star Leslie Odom, Jr. (Aaron Burr, from the smash hit, “Hamilton”), who was interviewed by Struppa in front of a mostly student audience. A sold-out address by physicist Sir Roger Penrose offered some of the most recent thinking on string theory, a conference on holism featured physicists Yakir Aharonov of Chapman University and Paul Davies of Arizona State, and a conference on consciousness featured Google’s Gopi Kallayil and poet Carolyn Forche. The culminating event before the inauguration was an evening celebrating the arts and creativity that focused on a wide-ranging live interview with Oscar-nominated filmmaker Werner Herzog, Struppa’s favorite director.

* * *

About President Daniele C. Struppa, Ph.D.

Dr. Struppa took over leadership as the 13th president of Chapman University when longtime president, President James L. Doti, Ph.D., stepped down after 25 years at the helm to return to the Chapman economics faculty. Since 2006, Struppa first served at Chapman as provost and then as chancellor. He came to Chapman University from George Mason University, where he served in several academic leadership positions, closing his tenure there as dean of George Mason’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Struppa was born in Milan, Italy and holds his doctorate in mathematics from the University of Maryland, College Park. In recognition of his work, he has been awarded the Bartolozzi Prize from the Italian Mathematical Union (1981), and the Matsumae Medal from the Matsumae International Foundation of Tokyo (1987). He has authored more than 150 publications in refereed mathematical and science journals and books, and has edited or co-authored six books.