The Legacy of Our Parents and What Is In-Between

Erich Meltvedt followed in his father’s footsteps to become a filmmaker

We grow up with great expectations and a tendency to fantasize about our future. Soon enough, the brutal interference of our own experiences changes our perspective, polishes our personality and defines a new course for our life. Erich Meltvedt, CEO of Costa Mesa-based Integrity Media Corp, was born and raised in Hollywood. Erich is the son of Dick Meltvedt, a Pepperdine alumni, entrepreneur and part-time filmmaker and producer. One of Dick’s master films is Twenty-One Years, a documentary that captures the history behind Pepperdine College. It is a relevant marketing piece that still today helps strengthen the efforts of student recruitment and public relations. Furthermore, it is the only existing recorded interview of George Pepperdine, a man of humble origin and bold vision. The documentary describes the opening of the university in 1937 and includes the founder’s famous speech about the goal and purpose of his contribution to society.

“As my contribution to the well-being and happiness of this generation and those that follow, I am endowing this institution to help young men and young women to prepare themselves for a life of usefulness in the competitive world, and help build the foundation of Christian character and faith that will survive the storms of life,” Pepperdine said.

Following in his father’s steps, Erich has continued to pursue the inspiring dream his father always dreamt about doing full-time. A business graduate from Pepperdine, he grew up steeped in film production. After working in sales and marketing out of downtown LA, Erich’s lifetime passion for filmmaking finally blossomed into the formation of his own company.

As a resident of Newport Beach, in 2205, Erich opened Integrity Media Corp, a marketing company specializing in video production that believes in creativity. The company not only produces your video but teaches you how to promote it through different channels. The latter is a rare find in the industry. The company already serves a vast range of clientele, such as General Electric, Keller Williams, Nyx Cosmetics, United Family Foods, and Amcor and Marque Urgent Care in Newport Beach, to mention a few.

Today, the video has become a transformational marketing tool for companies to take into serious consideration. Cisco predicts that by 2017, video will make up 69% of all consumer Internet traffic, which means that users will spend an average 5.5 hours each day watching video content. In addition, we know that consumers are increasingly demanding more branded videos and video marketing. Its effectiveness is constantly increasing, providing great ROI, as 73% B2B video marketers reported on a study by ReelSEO.

Furthermore, and according to Google, the use of cell phones continuously increases the views of videos on platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook. In general, social media averages eight billion daily video views from 500 million users, as reported by USA Today. This dramatic growth encourages predictions that the social network could surpass the video king YouTube in the near future. In the meantime, social media rivals such as Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter are boosting their video features to lure video-hungry users.

Parents are our greatest influencers. Advice from them often represents our foremost inspirational source. They want us to find happiness and success in life and many times are passive visionaries of our own lives. They see our future long before we can even recognize it.

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