Hurray For Me...Another Mother's Day!

Historically, celebrations of mothers and motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who held festivals in honor of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. While versions of Mother’s Day are celebrated throughout the world, traditions vary depending on the country. In Thailand, for example, Mother’s Day is celebrated in August on the birthday of the current queen, Sirikit. In Ethiopia, families gather each fall, as the rains dissipate, to sing songs and eat a large feast as part of Antrosht, a three-day celebration honoring motherhood.

Here in the United States, mothers are celebrated on the second Sunday of May. This is my special day. I just sit back and play “Queen for the Day.” Flowers? You bet! Coffee in bed? Yes, please. Time with the family? I am all in. Presents? Perhaps.

I unfurl the carefully wrapped sentimental artwork and gift items that I have saved throughout the years. My son has busily hand-crafted these treasures since he was a tiny tyke in preschool. There are all kinds of treasures, from paintings to pictures, including little beans that spell out “I love you” so artfully glued to construction paper. I cherish them all.

As the years roll past, I realize one important fact. It’s not about the presents, it’s about the “presence.”

As the years roll past, I realize one important fact. It’s not about the presents, it’s about the “presence.”

Indeed, just spending time with my husband and son is extra special. This is the one day when I sit back and let them honor me and stage the entire day. It is actually fun to watch them be so creative! Not with paints or pipe cleaners, but in finding ways for us to spend time together. That is the best gift of all.

Some of my most favorite Mother’s Day memories are of me honoring my own Mother. Sadly, she has passed away, so it is my turn to be the focus. Going to brunch or dinner is lovely; however, the restaurants are quite crowded. An option we have found enjoyable is renting a Duffy electric boat, gathering a picnic basket of lunch goodies and wine, of course, as we head out into Newport Harbor. Typically, the weather is picture-perfect and other than a few sea lions and seagulls, we have the whole place to ourselves! And, the cherry on top is that there are so few distractions. It gives us time to just unwind, relax and chat about our son’s career, our upcoming summer plans and just playing catch-up with one another.

So, here’s a toast to Mothers, who are so often the ones giving of themselves. I do hope you will enjoy honoring the Mothers in your life, and, if you are a Mom, here’s to being pampered all day long!