Let's Celebrate Mothers!

It is time to celebrate mothers, as Mother’s Day on May14th is the day set aside to do so. My mother passed on 12 years ago, and I cherish all the wonderful, loving memories she gave me throughout my life. Our Mother’s Day story in this issue features Isabelle Villaseñor, whose mother demonstrated unconditional love her entire life and gave her the example to raise her own two daughters. And, it doesn’t stop there, as she continues to nurture her seven grandchildren.

Our Mother’s Day theme is also featured in our travel story, as writer and New York City native Andrea Poe makes a visit with her mother and daughter to the neighborhood she grew up in on the southern tip of Manhattan, which locals now refer to as “the ‘new’ New York.” Suzette Zara, our culinary expert, suggests making mother luscious lemon and strawberry cheesefakes (vegan and gluten-free), and Parting Thoughts columnist Deirdre Michalski gives us a brief history of how other countries celebrate mothers and how her family pampers her on that special day.

Two Newport Beach nonprofit events are celebrating 30 years this spring. Sam Goldstein launched the Orange County Museum of Art’s “Art of Dining” culinary extravaganza in 1987, attracting world-renowned chefs from the start. When the event expanded to honor iconic visual artists and arts patrons, it featured the best of the best in those fields. That same year, cancer survivor Sandy Sewell founded Circle 1000, a group of women committed to raising funds for the Hoag Family Cancer Center through its annual Founders’ Celebration Brunch. Celebrity speakers have included the late First Lady Nancy Reagan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon Miller, and many more.

And, speaking of raising funds for cancer research, our story about Ken Ketner’s support of the “Let’s Be Frank about Cancer” fundraiser in honor of his friend, Frank Di Bella, is heartwarming. Di Bella faced a life-threatening battle with cancer before he found Dr. Sumanta Pal at City of Hope, who saved his life.

All in all, this is a very uplifting issue, showing why mothers are so important to us, as well as relating the love and support that people exude for good causes in our community.

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Donna Bunce, Editor


Cover: A vintage Mother’s Day card, courtesy of Hallmark Cards