Fear of Veneers? 3

You have the budget, time and interest–so what’s holding you back from getting that transformative smile you’ve always wanted.

Enhancing a smile with the application of veneers is an exciting dental treatment for those unhappy with the condition of their teeth. Whether for cosmetic or health reasons, deciding to get veneers is a process that requires careful research and trust in your chosen cosmetic dentist.

“Some patients, though desiring it, are reluctant to make the change,” says Peter T. Smrecek, Jr., D.D.S. “These patients have hesitations about altering their smile due to fear of the unknown, fear of regret, fear of looking drastically different from their previous selves.”

In business for nearly 40 years, Newport Beach-based Dr. Smrecek has vast professional experience in the veneer process. Utilizing a mixture of artistry and science, he has created a systematic, multi-stemmed process that relieves patients’ worries about their smile outcome.

Further, Dr. Smrecek points out, “There are no surprises. I work with my patients on every detail of change they want and assure that they are confident through the entire process. We don’t fast track the procedure or send all the work over to a lab for a quick turn around. I collaborate closely with my patients for as long as needed to make sure every tooth adjustment and color correction is accurate to their plan.”

Step one involves taking digital images to determine smile and facial balance of the patient. Together, doctor and patient review the pictures and make extensive detailed notes on the desired changes. A week later, the patient returns to review the digital smile mock-up. At this point, most patients are happy with their look and are eager to move forward.

Next, a wax model is created of the patient’s future smile. This model is an additional assurance Dr. Smrecek provides so the patient can view their new smile from multiple angles. Utilizing his artistry in smile design, he can then sculpt adjustments to the teeth if the patient finds additional concerns they would like to change. It is then time to try the artistry in the patient’s mouth.

With confidence in both the digital and wax visuals of their new smile, the patient’s original teeth are now minimally prepped for provisional (plastic) veneers. This provisional set of veneers is used to ‘road test’ the functional and aesthetic aspects of the new teeth. Does the patient like the way the teeth look? Are there changes in speech? Does the patient want to alter the color? This essential part of the process can take a few weeks, and, in the case of one patient, several months to determine that the temporaries were the ideal smile for her.

“A patient of mine had her provisionals in for six months. While this is an unusual example of wearing provisionals long-term, I do want my patients to take as long as they need in making sure they are 100% happy with their smile before we prepare the permanent veneers,” says Dr. Smrecek.

In the next office visit, the plastic provisionals are prepped off the teeth and an impression is made of the newly shaved and prepared teeth and sent to the lob to start creating the permanent veneers. Temporary veneers are made from a mold of the provisional veneers and attached to the teeth in a way that allows easy removal at the final visit.

The last step is the removal of the temporaries and the careful placement of the porcelain veneers. Final approval is made by the patient, and the veneers are bonded to the existing teeth. The process is now complete, and the patient leaves with what might have been a long hoped-for dream of a new and healthier smile, thanks to the professional expertise and mastery of Dr. Smrecek.