I Stand Resolute For 2018!

By now I have flipped the page of my brand new day-timer to January, 2018. Yes, I still use a paper calendar. And, in doing so, I know that three things are going to happen, as they do every year for the past twenty. First, I am going to enjoy a long walk along the Laguna coastline and ponder the close of 2017, reflecting on all the good and some sad things that have happened. Secondly, I am going to mentally flip through my new calendar, month by month, exploring all the trips and fun events I have planned for 2018. These all give me inspiration and topics to write about and photograph. Third, I am going to make four New Year’s resolutions, which I will promptly break (or bend)–at least one or two–but, I’m good with that.

For me, New Year’s resolutions always involve improving in four key areas: my body, my family, learning and giving back. I think those are noble goals…so here goes. And, feel free to use any of these that may apply in your world, too!

Resolution #1 is to “Be Healthier.” I did manage to lose 15 pounds this past year. But, now I am on to the next 15 pounds. I am really hoping I can do this. I have deleted desserts from my menu (for the most part) and that is helping a great deal. Now, if I can somehow avoid French baguettes and Brie cheese, I will be well on my way! I have a gym membership, but I think I have to actually go there to make that count. Am I right?

Resolution #2 is to “Be Here Now.” My goal is to be present, spend more time with my Father, who just turned 90 years old, and be supportive to my son, husband and our dog Riley. Being a Mom is not always easy, and we are pulled in many directions. I try to be connected and let them know I love them, but I can always do better. Life’s distractions get in the way. This year we are doing a family trip, and I cannot wait to have them all to myself in Park City for a ski week!

Resolution #3 is to “Embrace Technology.” Every gadget I purchase seems to sit on the shelf until I can get someone to help me figure it out. I have a Bluetooth speaker in my living room for music, and I forget by the next time what to do. I see buttons and my eyes glaze over. My husband made a copy of the remote controls and then marked on the paper, Step #1 with an arrow. Step #2 and another arrow. It is really embarrassing, but I am determined to improve and embrace devices with buttons and switches. Wish me luck on this one!

Resolution #4 is to “Give Back.” I am graced with a wonderful life, and my husband and I do have causes that we support. I want to make this a bigger priority in my world for 2018 and do more to give back to others.

So, there you have it. A window into my world for 2018! I am hoping that everyone reading this has a wonderful year ahead and that all your dreams and hopes really do come true!

All the best in the New Year!