Hilton Builders was created from the passion and love of a couple, Patricia and Dan Hilton. Once you meet them, you get to understand the main ingredients for their success. Love and passion for a job well done, unsurpassed attention to detail, professionalism, exquisite taste, and innovation are some of those ingredients.

After 29 years as Newport Beach residents and 42 years in business, the couple could not have imagined the amazing number of families they were going to be impacting over the years. More than 45 bayfront homes between Lido, Linda Isle, Harbor Island and Promontory Bay. And, more than 35 homes between Irvine Terrace, East Bluff, Bay Shores, Harbor View Homes, Spyglass, the Port Streets, Balboa and Balboa Peninsula.

Hilton Builders employs highly skilled professionals and works with an amazing team of subcontractors, some working for the company for as long as 30 years. They offer to their clients an open book system and service above and beyond–before, during and after construction. They are meticulous in their follow-up and make themselves available 24/7. With dozens of testimonials to prove it, Hilton Builders are and do what they say. They always excel in their work, delivering projects beyond all expectations.

Their savoir faire, professionalism and high-quality product delivery has rewarded Hilton Builders with the recognition of “the community builder of choice.”

“Our clients are our best sales team,” Patricia says.

The couple feels blessed and honored with the privilege of becoming friends with their clients and building their dream homes.

“It is so fulfilling to be introduced by our clients as ‘the builder’ to other friends and to hear the accolades and compliments. We have the joy of seeing their children grow up and the joy of their grandchildren being born. We have clients who we have built four homes for, all the way to the home they planned to retire in. We have clients that we have started with one member of the family and then built for other family members.”

Hilton Builders has no favorite project. They put their heart and soul into every single one, no matter the size or style. The most attractive part of a project is the ability to create something new, innovative and uniquely special for each client.

“Each client and each home are so different. It would be like trying to pick out a favorite snowflake,” Patricia says.

No matter how big or beautiful the home, everyone wants to gather in the kitchen.

“Gone are the days where the kitchen was hidden away, and the lady of the house was shut away from the party,” Patricia states.

She went on to outline how every remodel literally starts with opening the kitchen to flow seamlessly into the décor of the living spaces, making it more efficient and beautiful. Whether a brand new kitchen or a remodeled one, the challenges and goals are the same: 1) Enough space for friends and family to congregate, talk and not be in the way of the cook 2) Laid out in such a way that multiple cooks won’t be in each other’s way 3) Customized cabinets to fit the specific possessions of the owners. Deciding between drawers or doors with pullouts, size of the drawers and depth of the uppers is critical and cannot be cookie-cutter.

“As a woman I cannot think of anything more frustrating than having a brand new kitchen that will not accommodate my possessions,” Patricia says.

Hilton Builders has the great ability to express with detail their client’s taste. Their sources of inspiration rely on architecture and design from around the world. They offer a variation on an old theme and a mélange of styles to really make a project unique and valid.

Hilton Builders is located at 425 31st Street, Newport Beach, CA 92663. To contact them, visit HiltonBuilders.com or call 949.673.4128.