This issue is always a favorite of mine. Good food and libations rule the day! I rise every day and think about what wonderful foods I will be experiencing that day. It doesn’t have to be gourmet–it could be a Hostess cupcake!–but looking forward to something that I really like makes my day!

This issue covers the gamut in foods and wines. All the way from Spain, you will enjoy reading about two of the most beautiful hotels and wineries in the world. Both Marquis de Riscal  and Castell de Perelada in northeastern Spain boast international awards for their wines and feature luxury accommodations and restaurants–each possessing a Michelin Star restaurant.

Hawaii is no stranger to amazing food and drink. Wailea, the Beverly Hills of Maui, features some top luxury resorts that are constantly creating innovative ways for their guests to dine. From rotating weekly programs to exclusive private dinners to a full renovation of one of the island’s most coveted restaurants, Wailea will satisfy your cravings.

Closer to home–actually, in Newport Beach–you can enjoy farm-to-table and other healthier options at True Food Kitchen in Fashion Island. Executive Chef Chris Polley has had a front-row seat in observing healthy eating for quite some time and continues to serve creative dishes that keep healthy food seekers consistently returning.

Chef Josef Lageder, now retired as executive chef at Balboa Bay Resort and Club, offers a guide to wine selection with your food choices. It is so helpful to have something like this to refer to when you are dining at restaurants or entertaining friends at home and not sure what wines should be matched with certain foods. 

Finally, you’ll enjoy Deirdre Michalski’s article in Parting Thoughts about how to use a cooking item she purchased and never used. She found a friend who knew all about how to use it and invited her friends over to her home for a cooking fest with the Instant Pot.

Food does make the world go round. We all need it every day to survive, so why not make it fun? What are you looking forward to eating today? Whatever it is, enjoy!!

Until next time,

Donna Bunce, Editor

Cover: Courtesy of Table for Ten, 2017