Ladies have a huge say in the overall look of a home

Ladies often are the arbiters of home interiors, and I wanted to show how that translates in today’s homes.


Whether you’re cooking for family or catering for a crowd, a spacious and fashionable kitchen with plenty of storage and seating is essential. Oversized islands add a feeling of casual elegance to entertaining, inviting guests — whether it’s your kid’s soccer team or chairwoman of your favorite charity — to feel a welcome abundance. A large, open kitchen with high end appliances also adds tremendous value to your home. When you are ready to sell, upgrading the kitchen can increase the listing’s value and appeal. And it doesn’t have to be expensive to be on trend: quartz is replacing marble and granite as a durable and attractive counter choice, and there are many reasonable semi-custom cabinet options to make your kitchen stand out.

Walk in Closets

Binge-watching “Bonkers Closets” may lead to closet envy, but there are important takeaways. First of all, organizing closets by color and function can transform this space into a haven of order and relaxation. Following the Kardashian’s lead, you can add seating or an exercise area to your closet, creating an ideal space for an early morning yoga practice, or other indoor routine. Upgrading closets with mirrors, closed cabinet spaces, jewelry storage, and even equipment or a TV is another way to add value and enjoyment to your home, and many buyers desire walk-in closets to amply store their beautiful belongings. More and more people are adding a washer and dryer to their closet area, even if it’s a smaller secondary one.

Craft Room

Taking up knitting for your grandchild or niece? Need an organized area for wrapping gifts or creating a beautiful scrapbook? Cultivating a separate area of your home for creative pursuits is a wonderful way to ensure you have the time and space to pursue your passions. Rather than borrowing glue from your child or your neighbor’s child or running to the store last minute only to return with undecorated offerings, you can show up feeling prepared, relaxed and generous. Also, dedicating a room to your hobbies or artistic side offers an invitation to your muse. 

Master Bathroom 

Whether your day is filled with work stress or carpool runs, there is nothing like closing the door to your own private spa. A well-appointed master bath can unlock serenity and bliss in perfect privacy. Steam and rain showers are popular upgrades to the bathroom, as are candles, scents and hot yoga areas. Space permitting, separate his and hers bathrooms are gaining attention in the luxury market. And of course, ocean views from an elegant soaking tub never fail to attract buyers looking for a true retreat. 


Raised Organic Earth Garden

Building a small organic garden offers plentiful fruits and veggies, flowers, and fun. Gardening is good for the soul, and medical research supports it too. It turns out that gardening increases Vitamin D exposure, boosts moods, and decreases the risk of dementia. As an added bonus, planting a garden combats loneliness (talking to plants provides good company?). Whatever your motives, planting and tilling the soil is beneficial, and can add color and interest to the exterior of your home. Guests will admire your efforts while dining on home-grown greens and other delights. Designing your outdoor dining and entertainment areas with care is a great benefit of Southern California indoor/outdoor living. Outdoor grills, pools, and yes, gardens, enhance any party, as well as attract buyers from around the world looking to bask in year-round sunshine.

Carol Lee is a Newport-based real estate agent specializing in Newport Coast, Newport Beach and Corona del Mar. Her marketing and negotiating expertise has helped both buyers and sellers maximize their success. Her analytical skills set new records and led to quick sales in 2017. You may contact Carol at 949.395.3994 and at

"Ladies often are the arbiters of home interiors, and I wanted to show how that translates in today’s homes." – Carol Lee