Educating kids how to care for their pets

There are many ways to give back to the community by contributing to various causes, but one of the most powerful ways is through education. Educating your family, especially your children, with regard to pet care is an integral part of that education. Our pet experts agree that a family who disciplines and cares for their pet using the same commands and behaviors will have fewer problems. Inconsistency by one family member in the treatment or care of a pet can undo months of training. Several of our experts who offer educational support to families and children about their pets are outlined below.

Newport Animal Hospital, serving Newport Beach residents and their pets for seven years, is owned by 40-year veterinarian, Dr. John Giannone. He has some valuable advice about how kids and families can safely interact with their pets. Puppies tend to get excited and want to jump away from a child while being held. If the child is sitting on the floor, then the puppies are much less likely to break their front legs. Kids also tend to disrupt a puppy’s schedule of sleep and eating when they are first brought home. This can cause issues such as hypoglycemia and even lead to death. Dr. G also urges parents to get down on their hands and knees, “on a dog’s level,” and see what is laying on the floor that might interest them and put it away.

Kriser’s holistic approach to pet care is clearly shown within their motto, “For your pet’s all-natural life.” Located at Westcliff Plaza, the specialty pet food and grooming location opened its doors six years ago. The difference in their approach to pet diet is obvious in their extensive selection of specialty pet foods. Store Manager Guillermo Moreszes said that Kriser’s has been active supporters of NB Animal Shelter, Spirit Runs in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, and participates in many different events within the community. They educate both kids and adults about pet care’s best practices, and especially about the food they are feeding their pets. Kriser’s also hosts fun and engaging events at their store like an ice cream social for pets and pet adoption.

Charlie & Me is a high-end pet accessories boutique located at the west end of Lido Marina Village. Owner Taylor Beauchamp opened her store nearly two years ago to meet the demand for unique clothing and accessories for dogs. One look at the items available for sale tells you that it is a unique place to shop for your pet. Taylor also partners regularly with WT Frenchie (, a designer of fun and wearable apparel for the modern dog owner, to organize a couple of charity events each quarter at the boutique. At these events, kids learn about dog rescue and adoption, the challenges that come with a rescue animal, and also the best way to care for them. Sales proceeds from the events benefit.