Can I tell you how much I love our kitties? Doug and I have two adorable cats, both rescues, who are the delight of our lives. Katie, an orange and white long-hair (see her pictured), and Frankie, a beige tomcat with blue, blue eyes (that’s why he’s called Frankie, after Sinatra!). Unfortunately, he wouldn’t sit still for the photo!

Both our cats love to be petted and have their designated locations. Frankie’s is on the couch between Doug and I watching TV, and Katie has several. When I get up in the morning, she’s right there by my dressing table reading for a thorough petting session. She especially goes after Doug when he’s ready for bed and climbs on his chest for some serious kneading. They both talk to us, and we love that. Having no children of our own, they are our kids!

You will enjoy reading about families, whose pets are the delight of their lives. And, one of our writers, Deirdre Michalski, shares her precious journey with her dog Riley, whose health is managed with multiple medications. We’re also featuring some local restaurants that are dog-friendly, and there is also a list of three local businesses, who are pet experts and can help with your pet’s wellbeing.

Our travel story features a new cruise line called U by Uniworld, which in this issue details a cruise on the Rhine River. The cruise line is dedicated to a new generation of adult travelers who are hip and stylish and looking for longer stays in destinations with a vibrant night life. In other words, late morning starts and late nights are de rigueur.

I hope you enjoy our inaugural Pet & Kids Issue. It was great fun putting together.

Until next time,


Donna Bunce, Editor