Monsters Among Us

 Article Dawn Bonker  Monsters aren’t just the stuff of Halloween, swooping onto the scene in the trappings of their breed–capes, fangs, flying brooms and all the rest–then exiting stage left until next season.  “People can conjure them up like soup, with fear of the unknown a key ingredient,” says John Benitz, chair of Chapman University’s Department of Theatre in the…

Royal Hen: A Local Seaside Gem

 Article Jessica Roy  The Royal Hen, nestled into the idyllic village-esque location on Balboa Island, offers vivid red iron gates that draw you into a stylish bistro-like space that has the feel of a classic English countryside. A perfect spot for a night out, Royal Hen greets you with hospitality and welcoming service as soon as you walk through the door.…

More Than Just a Pretty Smile

In the field of dentistry, a malocclusion occurs when a patient's teeth don't align properly when the jaw is closed. Also referred to as a 'bad bite,’ a patient's symptoms may go unnoticed and cause little to no discomfort. On the other hand, a bad bite can cause significant pain in the form of migraine headaches, sensitive teeth, and jaw and neck…

A Life Driven by the Passion for Building

Hilton Builders was created from the passion and love of a couple, Patricia and Dan Hilton. Once you meet them, you get to understand the main ingredients for their success. Love and passion for a job well done, unsurpassed attention to detail, professionalism, exquisite taste, and innovation are some of those ingredients.

Tips to Listing a Home for Sale

When you live in paradise, it is difficult to consider a move. In fact, Newport Beach has one of the lowest housing turnover rates in the country. Many homeowners reach out to me when they are ready to downsize or move to a neighborhood that suits their current needs. Preparing a property for sale often takes a surprising amount of…

Collaborating in Life, Love and Real Estate

One is immediately struck upon entering the home of Jim and Karen Santaniello's Eastbluff home by the sheer panoramic view of the Upper Newport Back Bay. With floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, the view is the main attraction.

Fear of Veneers?

Enhancing a smile with the application of veneers is an exciting dental treatment for those unhappy with the condition of their teeth. Whether for cosmetic or health reasons, deciding to get veneers is a process that requires careful research and trust in your chosen cosmetic dentist.

Sweet Secrets from Pastry Chef Elyssa Fournier

I’ll admit, as I took a bite of one of Elyssa’s tootsie rolls, I braced myself for the tough texture and cheap-cocoa-powder taste of your standard tootsie roll candy. But, as I began to chew, the candy began to melt in my mouth. This was velvety caramel fudge, a blissful, luxurious confection. To say her “caramel mou” is far-removed from…

The Legacy of Our Parents and What Is In-Between

We grow up with great expectations and a tendency to fantasize about our future. Soon enough, the brutal interference of our own experiences changes our perspective, polishes our personality and defines a new course for our life. Erich Meltvedt, CEO of Costa Mesa-based Integrity Media Corp, was born and raised in Hollywood. Erich is the son of Dick Meltvedt, a…

Urban Produce, High Density Vertical Farming

Seventy-five million babies are born worldwide each year. While these sweet newborns must bring joy and light to their families’ lives, their hungry mouths require us to reevaluate how we grow our food. Population growth is not the only concern for farmers and consumers. Climate change, dwindling natural resources and scarce availability of land all put pressure on the global…

It’s About Art and Community

Art is for everyone, and nobody believes that more strongly than James “Walkie” Ray and his brother, Michael Ray. As the partner affiliates of Sanderson J. Ray Development, the Rays have used the west-facing façade of their building on the 3400 block of East Coast Highway in Corona del Mar for public artworks for more than two decades.

ROC-A Great Example of Collaborative Work Space

Today’s office space is more functional and productive and adapts better to the way a human being interacts and socializes. The term, collaborative workspace, has emerged gradually and, today, we can affirm that this new concept allows for the full expression of the human dimension. Through the centuries, we have experienced huge changes in the workspace. These changes responded mainly…

ClosetAuctions Readies for Launch

By March 2016, ClosetAuctions will have launched its interactive membership portion of the website. This will provide subscribers the ability to trade items from their closets for points. These points can then be used in an ‘auction’ for products and services. ClosetAuctions startup Founder and CEO Christine Fleming provides an innovative and economic marketing solution to branding small and medium-sized…

Susan Shieldkret, The Passionate Collector

Shieldkret began the concept for The Passionate Collector nearly 10 years ago. “It was very different then,” she says. “I was just selling at a couple of fundraisers locally, and then I decided to sell a couple times a year, just out of my home and have big parties that way.”

A Passion for Piano

Morgan Simmsgeiger, an inspiring pianist and former teacher, is passionate in her belief that learning to play the piano for a child is life-changing, and her very successful business, Piano For Kids, is proof of her theory.

Aging Got You Down?

Men and women age differently, but when it comes to the effects of aging, they are very similar. Effects like memory loss, mood changes and lack of focus seem to have become widely accepted consequences of growing old.

The Philosopher Dentist

Dr. Peter Smrecek, D.D.S., has been in practice in Southern California for 37 years. We caught up with him recently.

It All Starts with a Good Plan

Who would know that this statuesque Midwest gal in her pointed orange ostrich cowboy boots would be navigating construction job sites, managing men, and delivering client's new home or remodeling dreams with extraordinary creativity and drive. You have a concept? Julie Laughton will deliver.